Kalika Chetarike Diagnostic Assessment Papers and Learning Outcomes | PDF

What is a Diagnostic Assessment?

In simple terms, diagnostic assessment means diagnosing or discovering the students' difficulties while learning and assessing the problem accurately.

When to conduct Diagnostic Assessment?

About two weeks at the beginning of the year (in the month of May), schools need to conduct some form of diagnostic assessment to clearly understand students' current levels in terms of FL and previous grade-level competencies.

What to assess?

  • Foundational goals/competencies as specified in NIPUN Bharat.
  • A few competencies based on the LOs of the previous 2 grades.

Structure of the Question paper:

Instead of any large-scale exercise, an effort to understand students‘ level by the teacher over a week with various methods like oral questions, select response questions, projects and certain activities would be preferable.

Based on this, teachers can prepare a note of student performance or a student tracking sheet which would be helpful to plan teaching that suits the needs of the students.

Kalika Chetarike Diagnostic Assessment Papers and Learning Outcomes | PDF

Diagnostic Assessment Papers and Learning Outcomes' PDF for Classes 4-8 

Download the Kalika Chetarike's Diagnostic Assessment Papers and Learning Outcomes for the classes 4-8 from the table below:

SL.No. Class & Subject
1 Class 4-8 Kannada Diagnostic Papers & LOs
2 Class 6-8 English Diagnostic Papers & LOs
3 Class 7-8 Hindi Diagnostic Papers & LOs
4 Class 5-8 Maths Diagnostic Papers & LOs
5 Class 4-8 Science Diagnostic Papers & LOs
6 Class 6-8 Social Sc. Diagnostic Papers & LOs
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