2nd PUC Blueprints for Model Question Papers 2022 | Karnataka PU Education

2nd PUC is a crucial step in the student's academic life. You being a student of 2nd PUC, need to prepare well for the examinations. To be ready for exams, you need to know the pattern of the question papers and the type of questions that will be asked in the exams.

For a proper understanding of the types of questions and the weightage of each question, you must be aware of the blueprints of the question papers.

To help you understand the QP pattern and prepare for examinations accordingly, the Department of PU Education, Karnataka has released the blueprints for the Model Question Papers - 2022.

Students and Lecturers can download the blueprints from the links provided below.

2nd PUC Blueprints for Model Question Papers 2022

Blueprints for 2nd PUC MQPs 2022
1. English
2. Hindi
3. Telugu
4. Urdu
5. French
6. Optional Kannada
7. History
8. Economics
9. Logic
10. Business Studies
11. Accountancy
12. Statistics
13. Psychology
14. Physics
15. Mathematics
16. Biology
17. Geology
18. Computer Science
19. Education
20. Basic Mathematics
21. Sociology
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