SSLC Model Question Papers 2022 | All Subjects | KSEEB

SSLC Model Question Papers for the New Reduced Syllabus for the Academic Year 2021-22 have been released by the Karnataka Secondary Education Board.

These Model Question Papers much useful to the students who are preparing for the SSLC main examinations. You can download the time timetable of the SSLC main examinations 2022.

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Students can download the Model Question Papers 2022 from the links provided below.

SSLC Model Question Papers 2022 | All Subjects | KSEEB

First Language Model QPs 2022
First Language Kannada – 01K
First Language Telugu – 04L
First Language Hindi – 06H
First Language Marathi – 08M
First Language Tamil – 10T
First Language Urdu – 12U
First Language English – 14E
First Language English (NCERT) – 15E
First Language Sanskrit – 16S

Second Language Model QPs 2022
Second Language English – 31E
Second Language Kannada – 33K

Third Language Model QPs 2022
Third Language Hindi (NCERT) – 60H
Third Language Hindi – 61H
Third Language Kannada – 62K
Third Language English – 63E
Third Language Arabic – 64A
Third Language Urdu – 66U
Third Language Sanskrit  – 67S
Third Language Konkani  – 68D/K
Third Language Tulu  – 69D/K


Mathematics Model QPs 2022
Mathematics (KM) – 81K
Mathematics (EM) - 81E

Science Model QPs 2022
Science (KM) – 83K
Science (EM) - 83E

Social Science Model QPs 2022
Social Science (KM) – 85K
Social Science (EM) - 85E
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